Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies

Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies
Hampton National Historic Site

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1795 Rescued Gem on 16.9 Acres

It's known as Woodfarm and It's got no kitchen, no septic, no electricity, and no running water -- no problem! What it DOES have is tons of period architectural integrity and great interior details PLUS acerage and a POND. "All" it needs is some landscaping -- boxwoods, magnolias, maybe a parterre and the addition of a kitchen/laundry and master suite. I'm thinking that you'd do the additions as "hyphens". Kitchen/laundry off the dining room and the master suite hypen off the living room. While the base price isn't cheap at $450k it might be able to be completed for under $1 million total. What do you think?

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