Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies

Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies
Hampton National Historic Site

Monday, August 8, 2011

Amazing in Oella c. early 1800's

Right on the Patapsco River, this basic shell of a millworker's stone home is a unique property on Granite Hill across from Ellicott City as it is the only house that is not attached to another. It's also at the end of the row so there is an opportunity for a great river /forest view from 2 sides of the house. It's on .10 of an acre so you don't have to worry much about yardwork. Possible plans for expansion attached, but the Oella Company/Charles Wagandt (owners) are open to ideas and input from whoever buys this. You'd have to put $$ into finishing it out. One that is already completed is on the market at $600k+. If you had the resources you could probably put significantly less into it and create something incredible. This great start is listed at $295k.

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