Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies

Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies
Hampton National Historic Site

Friday, May 20, 2011

Main House at Lake Manse c 1840 , Albion NY

This house would almost make braving the winters north of Buffalo bearable. The Main House at Lake Manse is a cobblestone home that was built in the early 1840’s by Nathaniel Lake, completed in 1846. Situated on 7.8 acres along the historic Erie Canal, (wonder if it has a view?) the exterior of the house is a unique combination of small round and oval cobbles laid five courses to the quoin height, and a lower area of herringbone cobbles. The mortar joints are beaded, and the side friezes have cast iron grills. The quoins and the step areas are sandstone. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and 1 half bath. Has "ripple glass" and "old wood windows" - yay! Total living area is 2,280 sq. ft. There are six outbuildings including an 1865 stone smokehouse and a restored two story stone barn. The grounds include a 44 x 20 in-ground pool. At just $280k it could be a fabulous weekend getaway home.

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  1. This is near my old stomping grounds! Lots of cobblestones where they dug the canal.