Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies

Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies
Hampton National Historic Site

Friday, September 24, 2010

Great Deal on the Delaware Bay - Slaughter Beach DE

Now THIS is what I'm talking about. It falls squarely into the category of "crappy but good". Here's the deal: PROPERTY SOLD AS IS.....Rehab is not complete...seller will finish nothing...all offers submited should be done on taking the property as is. Home inspections will be for information only and property accepted or decined after said inspection. It's got 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Built on a concrete slab. Lot size is 50 X 192'. And it's RIGHT ON THE WATER. View looks fantastic and it's far enough back that even if Al Gore is right, you'd probably be okay. The price is pretty good $349k (betcha they'd take less). And get this, the ANNUAL fees and taxes are just $650..... wow.

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