Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies

Fuel for Hardcore Historical Home Fantasies
Hampton National Historic Site

Friday, May 28, 2010

c. 1870 "Chinese Chippendale" Cottage - Belton, S.C.

Is this CUTE or what? I've heard of Chinese Chippendale in terms of furniture, but have never seen it used to describe architecture. But you can definitely see a far eastern flair, although I'd probably tag it as Carpenter Gothic. ANYWAY.... it's got 5 bedrooms, 1 bath, 2,450 square feet. Looks a little rough around the edges on the inside, but it's got "potential". Plus it's on almost 4.5 acres and is priced at just $185,000. Probably because it's located in the hinterlands of Belton, South Carolina.
Also available for rent.

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  1. This IS adorable! Love your blog. What are your plans for the future with this endeavor? Just to fuel fantasies - or will you be embarking on some realities?